B Corp status

We're a small team committed to helping our customers live a healthier life.

We are proud to be officially certified as a B-Corp (or a “better corporation”). Of the 5 million small to medium sized businesses in the UK, just 175 are certified as B-Corps. Mindful Chef is one of those 175 leading the way.

B Corp certified companies strive not only for profits, but for the betterment of the world around them. This includes their employees and their customers, as well as society at large and the environment – both locally and globally.

B Corps are transparent about their operating practices and are held to a high standard of legal accountability. Companies have to be re-certified every two years, and if they fail to meet the set criteria, they lose their B Corp status. Not only that, but the criteria are dynamic, making sure that B-Corps are always moving with the times and are on the cutting edge of what “good” looks like in the current world.

Every year we produce an Annual Sustainability Report, that we publish on our website.

A few things that we are particularly proud of:

We give back through charity One Feeds Two

We operate a one-for-one model, a bit like Toms shoes or Warby Parker, where for every meal that we sell we donate one. We have chosen to partner with the charity One Feeds Two who delivers school meals to children living in poverty in some of the poorest areas of the world. We've donated over 1,000,623 school meals to date.

Learn more about our charity program.
Our packaging returns program

We have put in place a packaging returns program that means that we can reuse the insulation and ice-packs that we use to keep perishable items cool. Refrigerated vans have the same impact on air pollution as 56x diesel cars, so our re-usable ice-packs are the greenest solution.

We encourage charity work within our team

We allow our team 4 charity days a year to give back to a cause close to their hearts. These days are not compulsory but are encouraged as a way for employees to donate their time and efforts volunteering or fundraising for their nominated charity. Donating our time and efforts to charitable causes is something we believe very strongly in and is a fundamental belief of Mindful Chef.

Our welfare and environmental standards

Sourcing ethically and responsibly is incredibly important to us. We demand that our suppliers adhere to the highest welfare and environmental standards. We care about the quality, transparency and sustainability of your suppliers. Which is why we personally visit each supplier first to ensure they share our Mindful values.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct policy here